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Top 9 Best Decorative Succulents in 2020

Top 9 Best Decorative Succulents in 2020

Recommend and compile Decorative Succulents product rankings for everyone to easily choose from. There are both product descriptions and reviews.

List Of Decorative Succulents

1. Tall High End Realistic Silk Bamboo Tree in Basket – Decorative Succulent Pots

Refreshing your home is a breeze with this faux bamboo tree, the perfect piece to bring botanical beauty to your home without maintenance, watering or weeding. Its vibrant green leaves and real bamboo trunks energize any space, while its basket base adds a timeless appeal. Place it next to a clean-lined console table topped with framed family photos to start a warm fireplace, then place a charming welcome mat near the door to make it even more inviting.

do you like this look? For the finishing touch, mount a nearby wall with a solid wood floating shelf for a great place to keep your keys, then top it off with a row of low-maintenance potted succulents to give your entryway another look.

natural accent.
  • Wood base
  • No need to shop for a planter separately – comes complete with decorative planter
  • High-quality artificial plant and real bamboo trunks combine to offer years of beauty with virtually no maintenance
  • Add life to your decor, place in a corner to soften edges and make a room more welcoming
  • Bamboo is a natural material that absorbs color in various degrees
  • Natural product will have slight color variations that make the product more lifelike and enhance the beauty of the item
Kristin from Pensacola, FL said: “We were very surprised how beautiful this Bamboo Tree was when we took it out of the box and the setup (spreading limbs, etc.) was very easy.

We also purchase a planter and filled with white rocks and you can see the tree looks great.

You will not go wrong to purchase this tree but may want to put in another planter.”

Heidi from IL said: “The finishing touch to the living room was this. I have a bohobuddhist theme and it really just added that extra simplistic beauty that I was looking for.

It is very well made, and heavy, so it is not easy to knock over.

(Trust me, my cat has tried!)”

Nakeasha from VIRGINIA BEACH, VA said: “The bamboo tree looks just like it does in the pictures on the website.

It took about
1. minutes of “fluffing” to get the branches and leaves looking full but that is expected after shipping. Arrived in perfect condition. Love it.”

susan from west chester, PA said: “This tree is worth the money it is everything that you would want the tree is tall and full .I have it my bedroom. It makes my room a warm Atmosphere .

I cant wait to decorated for Christmas that will be my Christmas tree in my bedroom. I am so please I will order another one for my living room. If you want to have a change in any room this the Accent That you would want to have to any Room it make your Room Look elegant.”

Decorative Succulent Pots
Tall High End Realistic Silk Bamboo Tree in Basket – Decorative Succulent Pots
Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

2. 6″ Artificial Succulent in Decorative Vase – Decorative Succulents Plants

This artificial succulent is handmade.

This plant will complement any decor, whether at home or in the office. This professionally arranged artificial succulent plant is safely potted.

It is designed for 360 degree viewing. Overall dimensions are measured from leaf end to leaf end, measurements are approximate and will be determined by the final shape of the plant once unpacked.

No agreement is needed, just minor formatting, with how we pack and ship products. This item is recommended for internal use only.
    Jaspen from Winchester, VA said: “This succulent is in a beautiful container. Looks realistic and a perfect finish to the nightstand in the guest room.

    Packed very securely- actually quite a challenge to get it out of the box. We love it!”

    Vernessa from Riverview, FL said: “Very nice.

    My pot is more brown than the whiteish rustic color in the picture. Still very nice.

    Bigger than I thought it would be but very real looking. Packed solid when it came.

    I was glad for that since these plants can come damaged. Hint.

    Sliced down the 4 sides of the box to get it out.


    Cherri from Florissant, MO said: “I really like my faux plant but gave it 4 stars because the base did not come as pictured.

    Instead of the brown rustic look I was expecting, it was a textured blue.

    Fortunately it still goes with my decor so I am not returning it. But still wish it had come as pictured”

    Judy from Farmington, UT said: “The packaging made it nearly impossible to extract this item from the box, even with box cutters.

    Some strange spray-in foam that literally connected/adhered the item to the box. I was afraid I was going to damage the thing getting it out of the box.

    But it’s nice, a pleasant little carefree office desk plant.”

    Decorative Succulents Plants
    6″ Artificial Succulent in Decorative Vase – Decorative Succulents Plants
    Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

    3. 2 – Piece Artificial Evergreen Succulent in Pot Set (Set of 2) – Decorative Succulents Plants Artificial

    Plants are an essential addition to any home, but maintenance can be a hassle! This is where this pair of faux succulents come in.

    Perfect to place on your home office desk or in the middle of a decorative mantel display, these two are made from plastic and painted to match. they appear as real succulents. Circular ceramic pots and boho-chic wooden plant stands complete the look, providing a touch of natural charm.
      Rachael Anne from Ocean Springs, MS said: “I really love these succulents! They are perfect for adding a little something to a design.

      I have to be honest and say that the first shipment arrived broken not well wrapped or packaged. However, when the replacement arrived they were nice.

      Not super sturdy, but really cute….just don’t toss around.”

      A from FL said: “Ordered these to add some more pretty little bohomid century details to these rooms. I actually split them up and put one in the guest roomoffice, and one on top of my bookshelf. They look nice, and help bring out the overall vibe I was going for.”

      Kayleigh from Moncks Corner, SC said: “REVISED REVIEW – 5 STARS Wayfair sent me new succulents, free of charge. The new ones came undamaged and in perfect condition – no wobbles, to scratches, nothing.

      I am very satisfied with them now. OLD REVIEW 1 STAR – WARNING!!!! I ordered these and BOTH were cracked through.

      One was chipped on the side, and very wobbly. The other one had a chip as well.

      They look pretty but are NOT packaged well at all.

      Don’t be surprised if yours come damaged too! Definitely not worth almost
      3. it in this condition. That being said – Wayfair is shipping me replacement ones, so that’s good.”

      Jeannine from NEW YORK, NY said: “I think you guys are awesome unique trend of a time of Furniture that reminds my beautiful things furniture! Sam is like retro like the Brady Bunch Some is modern Some is rustic I just like the variety!! And great quality and quick service especially for the price!!!”

      Decorative Succulents Plants Artificial
      2 – Piece Artificial Evergreen Succulent in Pot Set (Set of 2) – Decorative Succulents Plants Artificial
      Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

      4. Floor Succulent Plant in Concrete Planter – Decorative Succulent Pots

      Nice, pretty and green! This chic planter has it all, except for some annoying maintenance.

      Nestled in a clean-lined stone box, these verdant succulents are made from plastic, so you’ll never have to worry about watering or finding the perfect spot for sunlight. Simply place it on a glossy white console table to make an eco-friendly statement in the hallway, even more striking when you hang a glossy silver pendant. Or, if you need calming accents in your sleeping area, bring this beauty into the bedroom! Keep it beside you on the nearby nightstand, then curl up with a cool cotton duvet for a full nap.
      • Unique succulent design
      • Bright, vibrant color
      • Decorative cement planter box
      • Ideal for home or office
      Anthony from TX said: “I’m always hesitant to purchase faux plants, but since I have anything but a green thumb I really wanted to find something exceptional that didn’t look or feel fake. This planter really fit the bill.

      It’s heavy, well made, and looks real.

      The soil and rocks are a wonderful addition to the arrangement, and the succulents don’t have that plastic look that a lot of faux plants do. I use it as a centerpiece for one of my console tables. Love!”

      Decorative Succulent Pots
      Floor Succulent Plant in Concrete Planter – Decorative Succulent Pots
      Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

      5. 3 Piece Succulent Plant in Decorative Vase Set – Decorative Succulents Plants Artificial

      Does your home need botanical beauty? Plants, living and artificial or a mixture of the two, bring any interior space closer to nature, helping to create a relaxing atmosphere.

      This faux plant offers a pest-free alternative to living foliage and is ideal on any table or windowsill. Made of plastic, it features a succulent-inspired design without the hassle of caring for a real plant! Plus, it comes in an elegant elephant-inspired flowerpot.
        Mary from Shelbyville, KY said: “Probably my favorite decor piece purchased from wayfair , this has been such a warm and happy addition to our home .

        I appreciated the packaging being .

        neat and incredibly sturdy allowing to get these cuties to us safely!”

        Arishma from CA said: “The elephants are SO cute!! The succulents themselves are pretty cute too.

        One of them is very realistic & the other two are fairly realistic. I wish the height of the shorter two varied slightly in order to make them a little more realistic, but this set is so cute that I don’t mind. Too cute not to keep!”

        Decorative Succulents Plants Artificial
        3 Piece Succulent Plant in Decorative Vase Set – Decorative Succulents Plants Artificial
        Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

        6. Mix Succulent Plant in Decorative Vase – Decorative Succulents Artificial

        A well-rounded display creates an eye-catching display for this mixed succulent garden.

        The original variety of plants is the perfect complement to southwestern inspired decor. Place it on a shelf or in a half bathroom for a touch of greenery.
        • Mixture of various succulents
        • Vibrant shades of green
        • Complete with an aesthetic glass globe
        • Made with handcrafted material
        • Product may need to be re-shaped when removed from box
        • Product may ship compressed – Primping of branches or leaves may be required to match the image shown
        Anjanette from Humble, TX said: “Very happy with this.

        It’s fascinating.

        The little sod of earth looks wet, it has little rocks on it of a different colour, and it even looks like a bit of mica shows in one spot. The moss is beautiful and the roots in the puddle of water at the bottom are artful. Yes, if you stare hard from closer up you can tell it isn’t real, but for the minimal care required and the decorative interest it provides from all angles I’m glad to have finally taken the plunge and bought it. (It cost more than I had originally planned in CAD $!)”

        alexandre from Coral Gables, FL said: “I love this plant.

        It look(ed) really good on my coffee table until I bumped it and it rolled off the table and shattered to pieces.

        Only 4 stars because I realize when thinking of repurchasing that it’s kinda pricy.

        I may get a real or this time but this one looks really good.”

        Decorative Succulents Artificial
        Mix Succulent Plant in Decorative Vase – Decorative Succulents Artificial
        Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

        7. 2 Piece Succulent Plant Set in Pot – Decorative Succulents Artificial Ball

        Get in touch with nature! Place these succulent GEO faux wood planters anywhere in your home or office to create a rustic cabin feel. Fake succulents are included, so you’ll never have to worry about watering real plants again! Beauty without the pain of caring for real plants.
          Kay from New York said: “Cute! But much smaller than I anticipated. I should have looked more closely at the dimensions.

          They ended up working out just fine as decor at my desk.

          Nice quality and the plants do not look fake. Not sure if I would have paid what I did for them knowing that they’re as tiny as they are, but I like them enough to keep them for the price.”

          Decorative Succulents Artificial Ball
          2 Piece Succulent Plant Set in Pot – Decorative Succulents Artificial Ball
          Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

          8. 4.75″ Artificial Assorted Cactus Succulent in Pot – Decorative Succulents Gifts

          Beautifully crafted, this potted artificial succulent plant is perfect for any upcoming event or for decorating your home and office. High-quality succulents can be on display forever without maintenance. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it.
            Heather Mary from Shirley, NY said: “The plant is just the right size for my entryway . It has very nice real looking plants.

            It is also balanced in the placement of the plants in the pot it came in.

            I just love it and don’t have to water it.”

            Wanda from LINCOLN, DE said: “This is a great faux succulent planter. The container is very nice and a good size.

            the succulents are so lifelike my husband thought they were real. I don’t have a lot of luck with plants so this was a great choice.”

            Amanda from Haverhill, MA said: “I love this cactus succulent! The colors are so vibrant, which make this plant look alive.

            The pot is very pretty and looks great on my kitchen ledge.

            I needed something to put in this space and this succulent is just perfect there!”

            LMC from Suwanee, GA said: “Arrived in the blink of an eye and looks exactly as pictured online.

            Beautiful burst of color and nice variety of succulents.

            The white pot gives it cool, contemporary look! A couple of the plants are bendable which makes it even nicer because you can arrange the branches to your liking.”

            Decorative Succulents Gifts
            4.75″ Artificial Assorted Cactus Succulent in Pot – Decorative Succulents Gifts
            Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

            9. 2.25″ Artificial Succulent in Planter – Ornamental Succulents In Southern Ca

            Add an easy-care decorative touch to your home with this succulent faux planter.

            Sitting in a gray concrete planter, the silk succulents stand side by side, displaying green plastic-tipped purple leaves and white spindles. Measuring 5.5 ” H x 13.5 ” W x 4.5 ” D, it’s perfect for consoles, bathrooms, kitchen tables, and anywhere in your home that needs a dash of greenery with no additional maintenance.

            Speaking of maintenance, no water is needed.

            Just give it dust.
              Elizabeth from Ballston Spa, NY said: “This is going to sound crazy but since I have been sick for the last
              1. years I have been unable to plant anything at my parents grave and I figured it would be cute.

              The planter is a cement type container so I knew it wouldn’t blow away but when I received it I was surprised at how much smaller it was than I thought.

              So now I’m not sure what to do.

              I may just find an empty space around the house for it.”

              Amanda from Branson, MO said: “Wow! Are these cacti REAL-looking!! I was afraid to touch them, for fear of getting pricked–and I’m the one who ordered them!! The container is fairly blah, but a little bit of imagination could change that pretty quickly.

              It seems a bit pricey, but I think the real expense is in the shipping costs because it is so heavy–about 5.5 pounds (w/o the packing materials). Definitely is not something that will blow away.”

              Ornamental Succulents In Southern Ca
              2.25″ Artificial Succulent in Planter – Ornamental Succulents In Southern Ca
              Rating by furniage: Buy Now Click Here!!

              Top Ten Succulent Projects: P. Allen Smith (Tips & Ideas)

              How to Make an Address Plaque Using Succulents

              While it’s often an overlooked detail on your door – paint colors, outdoor seating, and garlands tend to get more attention – your address is still an important aspect of your home’s aesthetic. It’s a must, of course, but why not make it a style statement too? Welcome guests to your porch with a modern, eye-catching take on an address plaque. Using pieces of wood and a coordinating paint color, you can create a custom plaque that features a unique vase for real or fake succulents. Over the course of an afternoon, your door will receive a refined and trendy accessory.

              3/4 ” x 12 ” x 24 ” particleboard or plywood

              1/2 ” x 3 ” x 5 ‘Wood Plank

              Miter saw

              1 1/2 inch wood screws


              Wood glue


              Primer and paint

              2.25Metal numbers


              Wall hanger

              When shopping for chipboard or plywood, ask your hardware store to cut the piece to size. This saves time and effort, especially if you don’t have a table saw.

              Since you had your plate cut from the hardware store, the only cuts you need to make now are for the planter. Take the 1/2 inch x 3 inch x 5 foot board and cut the board to 14 inches in length, using a miter saw. This board will be the base of the planter. Then cut 2 pieces from the same board to 3 1/2 inches in length. These two pieces will be both ends of the box. The final cut is for the front of the box, which should be 15 1/2 inches long.

              Connect the end pieces to the bottom panel by screwing two wood screws on both sides. Next, apply the wood glue to the boards that are now attached, then place the front board on top. Secure the board in place until the wood glue is dry. Once dry, glue the planter to the chipboard (or plywood). Then lock the box in place until the glue is dry again.

              Prime the boards using spray paint. Then cover the primer with a color of your choice. Follow the directions on the paint cans for best results.

              Using the instructions provided next to the house numbers, attach the numbers to the board in the desired location – this project has attached the numbers on the far left. Once finished, attach the plate to the wall using the wall brackets.

              Fill the planter with succulents or real succulents and happily invite guests to your home.

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